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TAGLIAMONTE Designs (PRT292)~ 925SS / YGP Cameo Charm Necklace*Cupid*Moonface*


TAGLIAMONTE Designs PRT253)925 SS / YGP / Venetian Cameo Bracelet *Medusa*


TAGLIAMONTE Designs (422) 925SS / YGP Sleeping BeautyTurquoise Station Necklace


Green Tagliamonte-style Charm with Man's Profile 18kt Yellow Gold


TAGLIAMONTE Designs (PRT248) 925SS/YGP/ Venetian Sea Horse Pendant *Sea Life*


Tagliamonte Pegasus 18 K Yellow Gold Venetian Glass And Garnet Cabochon Pendant.


TAGLIAMONTE(490)Earrings*YGP925*Moss Green Venetian Intaglio*ATHENA/MINERVA


TAGLIAMONTE Designs (PRT306) 925SS/YGP + Venetian Cameo Earrings *Bacchus*


Tagliamonte Earrings,18kt Solid Gold ,Ruby, Etruscan ( Compare Elizabeth Locke)


TAGLIAMONTE(557)Earrings*YGP925*Cobalt Blue Base*Micro-Mosaic*w/Ruby


TAGLIAMONTE Outlet (169) 925SS/YGP/Venetian Cameo Pendant


Tagliamonte Vintage 14 K Ruby Cabochon And Pearl Pendant.Designer B'.


TAGLIAMONTE Designs~ 925 SS/YGP+Venetian Intaglio Earrings*Venus/Hercules*


TAGLIAMONTE (337)~ 925SS /YGP Pendant*Venetian Intaglio *Authentic Roman Coins*


TAGLIAMONTE Designs (487) 925SS / YGP Cameo Pendant *Pearls*Aurora w/ Chariot*


TAGLIAMONTE Designs (PRT293)~ 925SS Cameo Charm Necklace*Cupid*Moonface*


TAGLIAMONTE (440,441,442,574) YGP925*Etruscan Style*Tri-Gemstone Ring*CHOICE*


Tagliamonte Designs (PRT310) 925SS / YGP/ Venetian Intaglio Charm Bracelet


TAGLIAMONTE Outlet ~ 925SS /14K/Cameo Earrings *Turquoise Cabs*~ Pegasus


TAGLIAMONTE (PRT220)~925SS / YGP Cameo Necklace*Athena in Helmet


TAGLIAMONTE Designs (350) ~ 925SS /YGP/Venetian Cameo Charm Earrings W/ HOOPS


TAGLIAMONTE CLEARANCE(247)Pendant*Rh.P.925*Cobalt Venetian Intaglio*Initials~MPF


TAGLIAMONTE(562)Earrings*22K YGplated925*Purple Venetian Intaglio~Roman Biga


Tagliamonte Sterling Silver/14k Oval Etched Design Amber Necklace Slide Pendant


TAGLIAMONTE(493)Earrings*YGP925*Aqua"CUPID Collage"Cab.Venetian Intaglio+Gems


Tagliamonte 14k venetian Glass Cameo Drop Earrings


TAGLIAMONTE (341)~ 925SS /YGP Pendant*Venetian Cameo*Authentic Roman Coins*


TAGLIAMONTE(388)*Pendant*YGP925*Purple NIKE'S CHARIOT Venetian Intaglio*UNIQUE


TAGLIAMONTE (413) *Earrings*YGP 925*Baby Blue Venetian Cameo Urn~Vase w/Ruby*


TAGLIAMONTE (342) Pendant*YGP 925*Aqua Octopus Venetian Cameo w/Dangle


TAGLIAMONTE(560)Post Dangle Earrings*SS/925*RED Medusa Venetian Cameo*back w/MOP


TAGLIAMONTE(500)Earrings*YGP925*OpaqueBlack Venetian Intaglio~ANDROCLES


TAGLIAMONTE 18"L Necklace*SS/925*Lovely DIANA Cameo w/Turquoise